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Writing music for your viewing pleasure

Writing music for your viewing pleasure.

Piano Lesson
8:30 AM08:30

Piano Lesson

Getting back into the swing of things! Sight-reading was excellent - like we never had a break. Auld Lang Syne was great (even if he just practiced this week) Reviewed I, IV, and V7 chords and how to use those as anchors when transposing to another key. And….the big one: Vs. Hyness Unhooded - Excellent job keeping up what we learned over the break. Worked out the melody at the end of the first section and the left hand of the last section. This piece is almost completed. Wonderful job on completing the second section with both hands together!! A lot of tough rhythms between the hands going on there.

We will be moving into Level 3A books and things might slow down a little bit as the pieces get harder. We have a lot to explore with classical, jazz and theory in the coming months.

!!!! Looking forward to next week!

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Piano Lesson
5:30 PM17:30

Piano Lesson

Introduced new piece - Kirby Stars allies vs. Unhooded (at his request). I arranged the piece to make it playable for his level. I believe this will be a good exercise for 16th notes and repetitive figures. He’s been experiencing some interesting habits with consistent tempo (collapsing the end of figures and speeding up/slowing down certain parts of a song), and hopefully this piece will help him with his consistency.

He’s moving along with his sight reading - and successfully played The Jazzy Cat to skip ahead in his book. Still working on keeping a consistent tempo…

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