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Writing music for your viewing pleasure

Writing music for your viewing pleasure.

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Piano Lesson

Getting back into the swing of things! 

Dylan - Working on Fascination in Performance book & moved on to the second movement of the Sonatina. Focused on musical phrasing of the melody and how dynamics shape the phrase. Looking for expressive playing with Fascination next lesson. Reviewed a little on the information about Clementi. Theory HW assigned. 

Sabrina - Working on finishing up the 2A books - She is flying through the series at a very rapid pace. We are completing at least one new piece in the lessons we have had. Started with sight reading some rhythms. No problems with identifying quarter note/rest rhythms, but seemed to have a liiiittle trouble when a lot of rests were filling the measures. Introduced key of A major and reviewed the formula for creating a major scale. Pieces & theory HW assigned. 
*NEXT WEEK REMINDER: Mozart Allegro in F major, K.1c from Nannerl's Music Book

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Studio Recital
Later Event: July 6
Ukulele Lesson