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Writing music for your viewing pleasure

Writing music for your viewing pleasure.

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Piano Lesson

Dylan - Strong sight reading this week. Hands in parallel motion. Still working on Fascination in Performance book & the second movement of the Sonatina. Fascination just needs another week of practicing - getting the hands together at a consistent pace. 3/4 time signature demands a strong 1st beat. Will re-evaluate if still struggling with hands together, or move on. Sonatina is coming along..."A" section worked on the trill, triplet vs. duple feel, and some tricky rhythms that showed up. Working on "B" section this next week. Theory HW assigned - Creating chordal Harmony with L.H. 

Sabrina - Working on finishing up the 2A books - Reviewed pieces from last week. Whirling leaves was quite beautiful. Worked a good portion of the lesson on major/minor keys and the minor key formula this week.  Reviewed homework and solidified some trouble parts - she had no problem after discussion today about the different keys. Theory HW assigned relating to major/minor keys. Assigned new piece Allegro in F major, K.1c from Nannerl's Music Book by Mozart and talked about the history behind the notebook/Mozart. Worked on the R.H., will work on L.H. and combining at next lesson. 

Earlier Event: July 6
Ukulele Lesson
Later Event: July 13
Ukulele Lesson