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Writing music for your viewing pleasure

Writing music for your viewing pleasure.

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Piano Lesson

Sabrina - Still prepping for recital (Snake Charmer & Song of the Vagabond) Fixed R.H. rhythms and worked on expressiveness with each little phrase. Song of the Vagabond is pretty much ready. She is working on playing without the music this week. Her pedaling has come along significantly with this piece! 
-Didn't quite finish all of her theory HW, but we finished up in lesson and ended with some ear training of recognizing rhythms. She is doing very well with recognizing rhythms! 

Dylan - Also still prepping for recital (Dill Pickle Rag & Sonatina) Dill Pickle Rag is ready - he just needs to keep practicing to feel comfortable. Sonatina is almost there - memorization is good, I'm just looking for a little more expressiveness in his playing. We drilled the B section and dynamics today and hopefully that will carry through in his practicing this week. We are almost finished with his first sight reading book and he is doing very well. Still working on recognizing dynamics along with notes. *Need to work on phrasing* 

Also introduced recording audio through garageband today - 
Audio Interface - Condenser Mic - XLR cable -
Recorded 12 bar C blues accompaniment (Dylan)
Over dubbed Solo (Sabrina) We learned the C blues scale. 
Shortcuts learned:
⌘T - Cut section of selected audio where playhead is positioned
(option)⌥+drag - copy section of audio
Enter - return playhead to beginning
Spacebar - Play/Stop
R - record

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